Does your laptop battery need to be changed? Here are the softwares that help you

The battery life is the main problem of notebooks, Here are some tools that allow you to check the health status and the number of cycles of the battery

A laptop without an efficient battery is practically useless. That's why safeguarding the battery by using some tricks is essential to extend its life and have a working and useful notebook.

When you buy a laptop usually there is already a software that allows you to check the health status of the battery and monitor the number of charging cycles. Unfortunately, most of the time they are inefficient and only offer useless information. On the Net there are some free or paid tools that allow you to monitor every second the health status of your battery and receive useful advice on how to use it at its best. You can check the number of charging cycles and how long you can use the battery before you have to charge your notebook.


A totally free program that allows you to check some very important information about your battery. After downloading BatteryInfoView from the software's website, you'll be able to find out the battery's serial number, model, production date, remaining charge and how much time you have left before you have to plug the notebook in. In addition, the user will be able to decide how often to receive updates on the battery and it will be possible to download the information in CSV format to be fed to spreadsheets. In questo modo sarà possibile capire lo stato di salute della batteria e capire tra quanto tempo è necessario acquistarne un’altra.


Con il tempo le performance della batteria diminuiscono ed è necessario averle sempre sotto controllo per sapere quando è il tempo di cambiarla. BatteryMon è un software molto utile e con una grafica piuttosto semplice ma che permette di monitorare le informazioni più importanti. Grazie ai grafici messi a disposizione dalla software house è possibile controllare in real time la percentuale di carica rimasta e monitorare se per caso ci sono delle anomalie. Infine, BatteryMon permette di raccogliere delle statistiche e di analizzare lo stato di salute della batteria.


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Making a full charge/discharge cycle every ten to fifteen days is among the useful tips you can follow to extend battery life. If memory is not among your main features, BatteryCare is the program for you. The free software offers a number of tools that allow you to optimize battery usage and warns you when you need to perform a charge and discharge cycle. The operation is quite simple and in the main screen you can monitor the time remaining before the battery drains and how many cycles are left before you need to do a full charge/discharge cycle.


Normally notebook companies offer a program that allows you to monitor the health of your battery, at least the charge left. If you want to have some more information and always have the main information under control you can install on your notebook BatteryBar, a program that allows you to monitor the health of the battery directly through the taskbar of the computer.

Windows 10 Battery Saver

With the latest version of its operating system, Microsoft has introduced some features that allow you to save the battery and monitor usage statistics. Enabling Power Saver will allow you to close background applications that consume a lot of power and affect battery functionality. To best set up Power Saving you need to go into Windows 10 Settings and then click System.