Dolphin, the robot that cleans the pool, including walls

Dolphin is a small robot with tracked wheels that independently cleans the pool. It can be managed via smartphone app

Whoever has a pool knows that one of the most tedious aspects is cleaning the water and walls. Usually you need constant care to keep your pool clean, but thanks to the Dolphin robot, you will no longer need to pay much attention to it.

The robot at first glance looks like a small lawnmower with tracked wheels. This structure allows Dolphin to climb up the walls and clean them of deposits and dirt accumulated in the pool. The robot in its lower part, under the wheels, has a spinning sponge that serves precisely to descale and remove dirt. To use it, all you have to do is plug it in and drop it into the water. Then it will take care of the rest. Wondering how it can clean your pool? Simple, Dolphin uses a filter, hidden inside, to trap debris and release only clear water.

Underwater navigation system

Dolphin uses a specific navigation system to orient itself under the water. This is used by the robot to orient itself inside the tub and figure out what it has already cleaned and what it hasn't. It also allows the machine to not waste time when it goes up the walls to avoid consuming too much. Dolphin can be programmed and monitored through the app designed for smartphones. It can also be programmed for weekly or daily cleaning. Every time we have to put Dolphin in the water we will receive a notification on the phone that will remind us of the cleaning to be done.

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