Dr. Brain on Apple TV+ is challenging Squid Game on Netflix

Dr. Brain is challenging the success of Squid Game on Netflix: what's it about and when the new Korean series is coming to stream on Apple TV+

After the huge success of Squid Game, Asian TV series are conquering streaming platforms and Apple Tv+ is also responding loudly. The trailer for Dr. Brain, a Korean sci-fi thriller, will hit screens in November and it's already making waves.

The new Korean series is based on a popular Hongjacga webtoon, which is in comics that are made to be read directly online. Apple Tv+ had announced last March that it was ready to shoot an Apple Original series for its streaming service, and the choice fell on Dr. Brain, which stars actor Lee Sun-kyun, who previously starred in the worldwide hit film Parasite. The story is about a brilliant brain scientist who will try to solve the mystery of his family's death by synchronizing his brain waves with those of the dead. We just have to wait for its arrival on Apple TV+ to see if it can surpass the success of Squid Game.

Dr. Brain on Apple TV+: the plot

The new Korean series Dr. Brain is a sci-fi thriller where the main character is a scientist who studies the human brain, named Sewon. His life is set to change forever when his entire family is killed in a mysterious accident. Sewon will try to solve the mystery by any means at his disposal, even conducting an experiment to synchronize his brainwaves with those of the dead, in order to access their memories in the hope of finding useful clues.

Dr. Brain on Apple Tv+: the cast

The main actor who plays Sewon is already very well known: he is Lee Sun-kyun, famous for his role in Parasite. In the rest of the cast there are other stars of the world of cinema and Korean series, including Lee You-young (Gansin), Park Hee-soon (My Name), Seo Ji-hye (Sa-rang-eui bul-sa-chak) and Lee Jae-won (Mr. Queen).

Dr. Brain is directed by Kim Jee-woon (A Tale of Two Sisters, I Saw the Devil), who is also an executive producer along with Samuel Yeunju Ha and Jamie Yuan Lai for Bound Entertainment, Ham Jung Yeub and Daniel Han for StudioPlex, Joy Jinsoo Lee and Min Young Hong for Kakao Entertainment and Antonio H.W. Lee.

Between writers Kim Jin A and Koh YoungJae. The series is produced for Apple TV+ by Bound Entertainment, Kakao Entertainment, StudioPlex and Dark Circle Pictures.

Dr. Brain on Apple TV+: when it arrives

There is great anticipation for this Korean series with which Apple TV+ has every intention of challenging Netflix's success with Squid Game.

The Dr. Brain series consists of 6 episodes and the first one will premiere worldwide on Apple TV+ streaming on November 4, 2021. Then one of the episodes will be released on the platform each week until December 10.