Dr. Mario is coming to Android and iPhone this summer

Nintendo announced via Twitter that Dr. Mario World will be available from early summer for Android and iPhone. But that shouldn't be the only news

Nintendo is at it again. After the enthusiasm with which Super Mario Run was received and the commercial and economic success of Pokemon Go (even if it was developed by Niantic), the Japanese company is finalizing the development for the launch of a new title for smartphones. In the summer of 2019, in fact, should arrive on the App Store and Google Play Store Dr. Mario World.

The title comes from the collaboration between Nintendo, LINE and NHN Entertainment, a developer company specializing in the creation of titles for mobile platforms. Obviously, Dr. Mario is not at all new to the Nintendo world. On the contrary: its debut dates back to 1990, when it was developed for Super Nintendo. Other chapters, however, have appeared over the years on Nintendo 64, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U platforms. And, according to the usual well-informed, Dr. Mario World should not be the only Nintendo game in the launch ramp: always for the summer should also arrive Mario Kart, the famous racing simulator starring Mario and his friends.

How will Dr. Mario World for Android and iPhone

Exactly like Super Mario Run, Dr. Mario World will be a free to play title with the possibility of in app purchases. At the moment it's not yet known how the game will be structured, but it's likely that users will be able to play some levels for free, while to complete the game you'll have to pay. With the announcement of the game's availability for early summer 2019, Nintendo also took the opportunity to give some details on how Dr. Mario World will be: the title should be a puzzle game with a "medical" theme. Users, therefore, will have to help Dr. Mario solve some medical and health puzzles in order to cure the other characters of the Nintendo universe.