DR1, the competition for drones arrives on TV in Italy too

An agreement between the organizers and the satellite channel Eurosport allows the races to be broadcast in 70 countries in the EMEA area, including ours

For some they are a simple toy. For others they are a pastime. For others, they're a valuable workmate. Now they're about to become the stars of a sport. After the 2015 test, drones are back on track for another exciting season of racing.

The organizers of the DR1 circuit (where DR stands for drone racing) have just finished drawing up the calendar for the fall and winter sessions, which will kick off on November 8, 2016 in Los Angeles. The format of the competition has not changed much compared to that of the inaugural season: the right combination of exciting circuits, skilled drivers and breathtaking locations. All this to further broaden the audience and succeed in "crossing" the borders of the United States, getting to affect European fans as well.

The sport of the future

Some new elements, however, have been included in view of the new beginning. One, in particular, points to the internationalization of what some consider to be the sport of the future: the organizers of the DR1 circuit have signed an agreement with the satellite television station Eurosport, which will take care of recording the events and broadcast them in more than 70 countries in the EMEA area. Italy included. The agreement does not only concern the fall season: Eurosport, in fact, will also broadcast the races of the spring session, which will start in the United States between April and May.

How the DR1 races are held

Drone races are much more complex and technological than you might think. Not only do the small quadcopters mount engines capable of providing high speeds and sensors needed to stabilize them during their "cruise," but they also have a special control mode. In the frontal part of the aircraft there are cameras that assure an enviable view to the pilots: to guide their drones, in fact, they wear special visors that show everything that is filmed by the lenses, for a driving in subjective.

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