EA servers down today, Fifa 19 does not work

Since 2 pm on October 23, Electronic Arts servers are unreachable from anywhere in the world. On the causes are already investigating technicians

Needless to check and recheck the cables of your PlayStation, PC or Xbox. If Fifa 19 doesn't work or you can no longer connect to Battlefield, it's because EA's servers aren't working anywhere in the world. A failure of global level, which at the moment has not yet official feedback. In short, Fifa 19 doesn't work and the developer still doesn't know why.

The first reports of malfunctions arrived just before 14:00 and concern, in fact, all titles and all services connected to the famous American developer. Taking a quick tour on the various portals of the sector (but also on Twitter, where EA down was quickly reported by thousands of users around the world) it turns out, in fact, that the problem does not concern only Fifa 19. Other games such as Battlefield, Need for Speed or Madden are also unable to connect to Electronic Arts' servers, and the platform for downloading free video games Origin is unreachable.

Why Fifa 19 and Fifa Ultimate Team are not working today

As already mentioned, the issues that make it impossible to play online since about 2pm on October 23 with the various Fifa 19 (obviously, Fifa Ultimate Team is also down), Battlefield, Madden NFL and Need for Speed concern Electronic Arts' servers. As we write, about 1 hour and a half after the first reports, the game servers are still unreachable, while on the site of the company (but also on the official social profiles) has not yet been released any communication.

Given the extent of the malfunction, someone has come to assume that this is a hacker attack (a DDoS attack, specifically) so powerful as to be able to knock out the entire technical infrastructure of the U.S. developer. As said, it is only a hypothesis, but it could not be so peregrine: about two years ago, a DDoS attack carried out with a botnet of very large dimensions managed to make portals such as Twitter, Amazon and many others unreachable in most of the world. Since then there have been no more attacks of this magnitude, but never say never...