Electric scooter, cities where to rent them

Scooter sharing is also coming to Italian cities thanks to the new rules on mobility: find out where and how to rent an electric scooter

They are now increasingly popular and we see them whizzing through traffic, along with cars, motorcycles and bicycles. They are the electric scooters, sustainable and easy to use means of transport that in recent months have intrigued more and more users. The reason is related to the bonus bike and scooter and the Legge Milleproroghe that has clearly regulated the circulation in the cities.

If you want to buy an electric scooter, but you want to try first where you can take a scooter and how "you stand on it", you can always rent it with one of the many services available in major Italian cities.Not to mention that electric scooters can be transported easily and move with speed, as opposed to cars that instead often get stuck in city traffic, contributing to environmental pollution. In short, using the scooter has enormous advantages, so you just have to rent one: here are the main cities where it is possible.

Electric scooter rental in Milan

The Lombard capital is certainly one of the best equipped as regards the rental of electric scooters. Here we find as many as three services available to users. The most long-lived is Helbiz, which also deals with bike sharing in Milan and other Italian cities and is the main provider. In addition to this we also find Bit Mobility and Wind Mobility.

The services are all used more or less in the same way. To rent a scooter you need to download the app and sign up for the service. There is a map within the app that shows where the scooters are ready to rent. The vehicles have a QR code that is unlocked with the app and therefore allows you to use the vehicle immediately. Also via the app is the payment of the corresponding fee. The rate to unlock the scooter is 1 euro plus 15 cents per minute, and just as with shared bikes, there are subscriptions for users who use the service frequently. The choice of service also depends on the area where you want to use the vehicle, in fact although some overlap, some areas are served by a company and not another.

Electric scooter rental in Turin

In Turin you can rent a scooter thanks to several services including Bird, Bit Mobility, Dott, Helbiz, Lime, Tier and Hive. In short, there is a wide choice. Bit Mobility for example is a completely Italian service that allows you to download the application and register a profile. Thanks to this you can find a scooter, thanks to the map inside the app and unlock it.

To do this just scan the QR Code, so you don't need a card and the procedure is really simple. With the electric scooter it will be possible to move in pedestrian areas, in areas with a speed limit of 30 km/h and in bike lanes. To facilitate users, the app shows these zones divided by color. Once the trip is over, simply park the scooter anywhere in the city. The fee is €1 for unlocking and 15 cents per minute for the ride, plus 5 cents per minute for breaks. Other services work similarly but often require a referral station to unlock and park the vehicle.

Electric Scooter Rental in Rome

Until the end of May 2020, Rome still had no service that allowed for time-based scooter rentals. A void filled by Helbiz, which since May 28 has begun to make its scooters available on the streets of the capital. Initially, the Italian-US startup will provide a thousand electric scooters (model Segway G30 Max);Segway G30 Max), covering a wide area that includes, in addition to the historic center, also the Vatican and the districts of Parioli/Pinciano, Flaminio, Trieste, Nomentano/University, San Lorenzo, San Giovanni, Prati, Trionfale/Medaglie d'Oro, Portuense, Marco Polo, Garbatella/Ostiense, Tor Marancia/Montagnola, Ardeatino, San Paolo/Marconi and Prati della Vittoria. The cost of the rental is 1 euro to unlock and 15 cents per minute, but if you want you can subscribe to the contract "Unlimited" which, at 29.99 euros per month, gives the possibility to make an unlimited number of rentals.

Electric scooters Genoa

The case of Genoa is particular: in the Ligurian city the service is not offered by a large multinational but by a store in the center. The Bike Fever in Piazza de Marini, located in the historic center of the city. At the moment it is the only one in the area, but surely this trend will spread. Also because there are already several similar services in Genoa, such as the scooter sharing proposed by MiMoto. For the moment, Bike Fever allows you to rent the scooter for 10 euros per hour and 20 euros for four hours.

Other Italian cities where you can rent electric scooters

There are other municipalities where the service is available. For example, we find it in Pesaro, where it is offered by the Swedish company Voi Scooters. Also in this case, the procedure is to download the app and manage the rental via your mobile device. To unlock the vehicle, 1 euro is required, plus 15 cents for every minute of use.

In Rimini, scooter sharing is available thanks to Bird and Lime, which offer the same rates. Finally, we find it in Verona thanks to Bit Mobility and Helbiz. This company is present in other Italian cities: Riccione, Rome, Cesena, but is working to cover our country even more extensively. Bit Mobility is also present in Cattolica and Misano.