Electricity bill: how much does it cost to see streaming movies and TV series

Light bill: how much does it cost to see streaming movies and TV series? The research of Selectra that has identified the consumption in the bill based on some factors

How much does it cost to see movies and TV series in streaming? What is the weight of this activity on the electricity bill? The answer comes from a Selectra study that calculated how much the viewing of content on streaming platforms can affect the electricity bill.

With the arrival of autumn, the days become shorter and the desire to spend time at home grows. Movies and TV series become the ideal companions for an evening on the couch, based on hot chocolate and emotions. The proposal of streaming platforms is increasingly wide. Netflix, Timvision, Infinity, NOW TV, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Eurosport Player, DAZN and Disney+ offer a lot of content for all ages and tastes.

Few, however, know that every movie and every episode watched at home from their devices has a fallout on the bills. Selectra - a free service that compares and activates the offers of electricity, gas and internet for companies and individuals - has made a very interesting study. It has calculated how much the viewing of contents on streaming platforms affects the bill.

In addition to the subscription - monthly or annual - must be considered the consumption in terms of use of modem, TV or computer.

The costs vary depending on the means that you use to enjoy the titles in the catalog, but also the type of supply contract (free market or protected). The PC has an average power of 65W, while the TV has 130W, finally the modem has an average power of 10,4W.

If we use the TV to watch streaming content 2 hours a day, we will spend about 21,12 euros a year in the case of a free market supply. The cost goes up to 30 euros instead for those who remained in the protected. According to Selectra also consume 102 kWh per year, emitting about 41 kg of CO2. The same consumption of kWh that is recorded using appliances such as electric oven for 52 hours, vacuum cleaner for 57 hours, hair dryer for 56 hours, washing machine for 110 cycles and dishwasher for 102 cycles.

If, on the contrary, movies and TV series are watched from the PC, with a supply on the Free Market you spend only 11.4 euros per year. In case of protected instead comes up to 16.08 euros per year. Watching a 30-minute episode of a TV series every day costs 5.28 euros per year on the Free Market and 7.44 euros on the protected market. Through pc the consumptions tend to lower, as well as the costs, arriving at 2,88 euro per year on the Free and 4,08 euro on the protected.

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