Electronic Arts down, Fifa 20 not working. What’s happening

Fifa 20 has not been working since 20:00 on January 29. But the problems mainly concern Electronic Arts' servers. Here's what's happening

Electronic Arts servers are down and all major games developed by the US publisher are not working. It's not a problem with your internet connection or console if Fifa 20 isn't working tonight, January 29. The problem does not only concern the football simulation game, but all the servers of the main titles of Electronic Arts.

The cause is most likely to be attributed to the servers of Electronic Arts: a temporary problem that has made it impossible to access online many titles. On downdetector.it, an online site that shows when a service or an application doesn't work, there are hundreds of reports from users: they all have the exact same problem and can't launch their favorite titles. As for Fifa 20 does not work even the application for smartphones and Fifa Ultimate Team. On Twitter, the Fifa 20 account has announced that there are problems in the infrastructure of the game and that they will be resolved as soon as possible.

Why Fifa 20 doesn't work on January 29

The problem should concern Electronic Arts servers that make it impossible to access Fifa 20. Technicians are already working to solve the problem as soon as possible. We will keep you updated.

Update at 21:30. The problem has been resolved.