Electronic Arts servers down, Fifa 19 not working. What’s happening

Since 9:30 am on May 16, Electronic Arts servers down and not allowing online access to Fifa, Apex Legends and Battefield. What's happening

Electronis Arts servers are not working and do not allow access to Fifa 19, Fifa Ultimate Team, Apex Legends and other games of the American company. It's not the first time this has happened this month: in the first days of May, the servers went down for a few hours, causing inconvenience to thousands of fans.

The problem seems to be quite serious: the malfunction, in fact, not only affects Italian users, but the Electronic Arts servers do not work all over the world. In Italy, the first reports arrived around 9:00 am on May 16, when users just woke up and tried to access their favorite video games. It's likely that the Fifa 19 and other games from the US publisher have been down since the early hours of the morning, but have only just been discovered. We don't know the cause of the problem, but surely Electronic Arts' technicians are working to solve the problem as soon as possible. We will keep you updated.

Why the Electronic Arts servers are not working and you can't play Fifa 19

The U.S. company has not released any official communication. For the moment, it is not known why you can not access the Electronic Arts servers and play your favorite video games.

In the last few months, it's not the first time that gamers have experienced this kind of problem and by now they should be used to it.

Hundreds of users have reported on downdetctor.it, a portal that collects people's complaints when an online service doesn't work. The comments are all very similar: you can't access the game servers.

Technicians are working to solve the problem as soon as possible. We are almost at the beginning of the weekend and on FUT 19 should start the usual appointment with the Weekend League. We will see if the problem will be solved in the next hours. We will keep you updated.

Update at 11:00

The problems have been solved: the servers were under maintenance.