Electronic Invoicing, the advantages of using Libero SiFattura

Platforms like Libero SiFattura make it easier and faster to manage the accounting and taxation of your business. Here's why

The introduction of the electronic invoice between private individuals has gone better than we could have initially expected. Despite a few stumbling blocks in the very first weeks, six months after adoption, it can be said that the transition from paper to digital has been absorbed without major problems. This is demonstrated by the data from the Inland Revenue - 920 million electronic invoices sent in the first six months - and, above all, by the positive reactions of SMEs and large companies.

A survey conducted by the Milan Polytechnic's Electronic Invoicing Observatory shows that more than half of the companies surveyed are satisfied with electronic invoicing, which can bring advantages both economically and in terms of bureaucracy. Among these, those that use management and administrative platforms have been able to "digest" better the transition between the two fiscal systems, speeding up the issuance of invoices and the collection of amounts due.

Platforms such as Libero SiFattura, in fact, allow to simplify and speed up all operations related to corporate taxation and not only. From the dashboard, in fact, you can manage the flow of tax documents, being able to send and receive electronic invoices in our name, keep under control the invoices paid and those yet to be paid, thus having an idea of the situation of the cash, create the registry of their suppliers and customers, enable the management of the accountant and much more. In short, the advantages of Libero SiFattura are many: let's find out in detail.

Receive and send electronic invoices without limit

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, Libero SiFattura is an administrative management system extremely easy to use. From the dashboard you will be able to generate as many invoices as you want, automating the sending of those that are constantly repeated over time. If, for example, we send a monthly invoice with a fixed amount to one of our regular customers, we can make sure that the platform will send it automatically, without having to create it every time.

With Libero SiFattura, you can also receive and manage all electronic invoices addressed to us or to our company. Just tell our suppliers the SDI recipient code provided by SiFattura and wait. The platform will scan the servers of the Interchange System looking for invoices with the same code, so we can deliver them in our personal area.

Legal storage of electronic invoices

As was the case for paper tax documents, electronic invoices must be stored in accordance with the law for a period of 10 years. Libero SiFattura also helps you with this task, allowing you to archive invoices and store them according to legal requirements in a rather simple way.

Financial and fiscal management

In addition to invoice management, Libero SiFattura also combines the management of your financial situation. Italiaonline's management platform offers a complete solution in every aspect, allowing you to create customer and supplier master data, view your company's cash flow using the data of invoices already collected, those yet to be collected, those paid and those yet to be paid, consult the schedule and send reminders in case of outstanding invoices.


Libero SiFattura offers the possibility to create different users who, using different credentials, can access the company dashboard and control the fiscal and accounting flow. In this way, for example, we can give our accountant access to the platform and remotely check that everything is correct.

Customization and modularity

Another great advantage of Libero SiFattura is the high degree of customization it offers to its users. The management platform allows you to create invoices by choosing one of the many available models and inserting the logo of your business or company, making it unique.

Libero SiFattura also allows you to choose the services you need, thus "composing" the platform according to your needs. Libero SiFattura Basic, completely free of charge, is ideal for VAT account holders in the regime of minimum or flat rate, because it allows you to receive electronic invoices without limits; Libero SiFattura Lite, at a cost of 29 euros + VAT for the first year, is the solution tailor-made for small and micro businesses, allowing you to customize the appearance of invoices, generate reports and send electronic invoices without limit; Libero SiFattura Pro, at a cost of 49 euros + VAT for the first year, offers all the tools, tax and administrative, necessary to manage your business.