Élite 4 will be anticipated by the “short stories”: here’s what they are

On Netflix comes the week dedicated to the Spanish series: it will start on June 14. Here are all the details.

Élite is one of the many successful Spanish series born in recent years: released in 2018 on Netflix, it entered very soon the Olympus of streaming. Currently, the first three seasons are available, but a fourth is in production and will be released on June 18, 2021.

To dampen the wait, Netflix has announced a novelty, Élite Week: the next episodes will be preceded by a series of "short stories" centered on the show's protagonists, the students of Las Encinas, the prestigious high school where the story is set. But how soon will the stories be released? Many were expecting them to be released well in advance of the fourth season, but instead they will come out right around the time of the new episodes. Nevertheless, they will be a real breath of fresh air, after more than a year of stops and delays due to the Coronavirus. So, let's mark it on the calendar: the Week dedicated to Élite will begin on June 14.

The Short Stories of Élite: the plot

The Short Stories (Le Historias Breves de Élite) represent a novelty for Netflix, which is preparing to experiment with this new format: the fourth season of the hit series is preceded by 4 short films focused on the lives of the characters.

Some of the protagonists of the stories are characters that we won't see again in the fourth season, so it will be an opportunity to give them a final farewell. In particular, one of the shorts focuses on Carla and Nadia, played in the parent series by Ester Exposito and Mina El Hammani. At the same time, the stories will be an opportunity to get to know the new characters that will make up the plot. In the fourth season, in fact, there will be no shortage of new friendships, love triangles and alliances. Everything will arise from the arrival of the new principal of the high school, a woman determined to put order. Along with her, her children will also arrive, three boys who will test the school's old alumni.

For now, we know little about the short stories, aside from a few plot details. The short film that will open Élite Week will be about Guzman, Cayetana and Rebeka. The trio will attend a carefree party by the pool. After the party, the guys will have to deal with the aftermath and various hallucinations related to the use of substances very particular. The boys will then have to deal with the police and manage to get away with it and regain their clarity.

Élite 4: When will the Stories and new episodes be released

Élite 4 will be released on Netflix on June 18, 2021, while the short stories will be released from June 14 to 17.

Until then, you can watch many TV series similar to Élite on streaming.