Elon Musk could be the world’s first trillionaire

According to investment firm Morgan Stanley, the entrepreneur could cross the twelve zeroes threshold thanks to SpaceX. The founder of Tesla, however, thanks Dogecoin.

Elon Musk could become the first trillionaire in the world and in history. The wealth of the founder of Tesla and SpaceX is about to exceed the threshold of twelve zeros and this thanks to the growing fortune of his space company. To support this hypothesis is the U.S. financial company Morgan Stanley, which has made calculations on the current equity situation of Musk and predicted the possible increase in the coming years, based on the projects, in particular concerning the Moon and Mars, that the visionary tycoon is pursuing.

The assets of Elon Musk

According to Morgan Stanley's analysis, at the moment Tesla is worth 850 billion and is the leading car company in the world, while SpaceX has a value of "only" 100 billion but that could increase substantially over the next few years. Already Tesla is back from an impressive growth in profits and has exceeded 1 billion thanks to Bitcoin, with a gain from cryptocurrency equal to that obtained from the sale of cars. SpaceX's share price, on the other hand, could take off in the next few years thanks to several space missions on behalf of NASA that are planned, including a return to the Moon and an ambitious mission to Mars, the latter still to be planned. Another factor to keep an eye on is the evolution of space tourism, which could bring in additional revenue.

What does dogecoin have to do with it

Elon Musk holds a huge amount of dogecoin cryptocurrency, whose logo graphically references an internet meme featuring a Shiba Inu dog. Born as a joke in 2013, it has now entered the top 5 cryptocurrencies by capitalization. UberFacts, an online web service/app that provides world news on social, wrote in a tweet that the U.S. entrepreneur could "become the world's first trillionaire thanks to SpaceX." Below the post came the response of the person concerned, who specified "in dogecoin". The reply was clearly a joke, but it has triggered a rush to buy the cryptocurrency that has reached above $ 0.25 and reconfirmed Musk's interest in this "memecoin".

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the SpaceX patron's net worth has currently risen to $ 249 billion and is worth more than New Zealand's gross domestic product and is about to surpass that of Portugal. However, the entrepreneur's projects are ambitious and varied and could significantly boost his financial situation. Among the latest news is the idea of building Teslas on Mars.

Stefania Bernardini