Elon Musk in Italy, where he is and what he is doing

The Ceo's appeal in Italian: "Visit Florence". The founder of Tesla and Space X was spotted in Tuscany, where he visited the Uffizi Gallery and met the mayor of the city Dario Nardella.

Elon Musk arrived in Italy with his partner Grimes and a group of musician friends. The founder of Tesla and Space X spent a few days in the Tuscan capital where he visited the Uffizi Gallery and met the mayor of the city Dario Nardella. Just in a video, published on Twitter by the First Citizen, the American CEO has launched an appeal in Italian: "Visit Florence".

What Elon Musk is doing in Italy

Bringing the Tesla founder to Tuscany would have been Fabrizio Moretti, secretary of the Biennale of Antiques at Palazzo Corsini. Apparently it's a vacation, but it's not yet clear if there are also business reasons behind Musk's Italian trip. About half an hour's drive from Florence, in Campi di Bisenzio, is the headquarters of the Leonardo Group, a company that produces technologies for the most important space programs. However, the company is closed for vacation until August 23. What is certain is the meeting between Elon Musk in Palazzo Vecchio with Mayor Dario Nardella, documented on social media by the First Citizen himself.

With Nardella, Musk would have talked about issues concerning environmental sustainability such as photovoltaic tiles that the American Ceo is producing or projects to make eco-friendly as cabs and public transport. Through the Vasariano corridor, which connects Palazzo Vecchio with the Uffizi, the entrepreneur went to visit the beauties of one of the most important museums in the world. The walk through the artistic beauties of the Gallery lasted about an hour and a half. Musk's group was always accompanied by Nardella, who was joined by the director of the Uffizi Eike Schmidt.

Elon and his companion Grimes particularly admired the Thebaid and the Glorification of the Virgin by Beato Angelico, the Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello, the Portrait of the Dukes of Montefeltro by Piero della Francesca, the masterpieces of the halls of Leonardo, Michelangelo and Botticelli. Right in front of the Venus of the latter artist, they took a collective photo. Then the joking joke of the director Schmidt who greeted Musk saying, "When you install a space station on Mars, we would like to bring us some works for our project of the Uffizi diffused".

Not only the art would have conquered Musk, but also the Tuscan cuisine. In a restaurant of the Tuscan capital, the entrepreneur has tasted the famous "Fiorentina" and would have exclaimed: "Never eaten such a good meat". Waiting to find out if the trip to Florence may have stimulated new ideas, perhaps related to art and food on Mars, in the American Ceo, Netflix is preparing to produce a docu-series on the historic mission Inspiration4 of Space X.

Stefania Bernardini