Elon Musk: in the future brains will be connected with computers

New artificial intelligence technology may be able to connect the human brain to a computer interface

In the future, our brains may communicate directly with the computer. To support this futuristic thesis has been Elon Musk, the founder of Space X, the company that for years aims to bring the man in orbit at an affordable cost, and Tesla, a leader in the field of electric cars.

According to, in fact, as claimed by the young American entrepreneur, humans in a few years will be able to interact with computers without the support of technological devices. Elon Musk, in fact, argues that the only difference between people and machines is in the relationship between input and output. The brain is already able to analyze and store a large amount of information, but the process of "outputting" this data is much slower than the new artificial intelligence systems. Hence the idea of creating an immediate pathway between brain and computer.

The system brings people closer to artificial intelligence

Elon Musk is therefore ready to embark on a new adventure, after the many futuristic projects he has been working on for years. For example, a few weeks ago he announced that he wants to build tunnels to move traffic underground and his dream of creating the first magnetic levitation train could soon become reality. Hyperloop One, one of the companies created to carry out the idea, is ready to start the first tests in Nevada. Returning to the latest project of the naturalized American entrepreneur, the goal is to bring people closer to machines, especially considering the spread of artificial intelligence.

Elon Musk's neural lace

According to Musk, humans will have to interact in "symbiosis" with artificial intelligence and not be mere spectators. How? The father of Tesla talks about a technology that will be able to connect the human brain to a computer interface. The system is called neural lace, a kind of wireless device to be implanted directly into the brain and able to bypass the use of any device. For the American entrepreneur, artificial intelligence must be an opportunity and not a threat to humanity.