Equitalia under attack, the website ends up KO

A hacker attack has put out of use for a few hours the Equitalia website: the company through social channels has immediately apologized for the incident

After being finished in the cauldron of political controversy in recent months, Equitalia also ends up in the crosshairs of hackers. In fact, since this morning at dawn, the website of the collection company is out of use due to a hacker attack that has blocked access to some services of the web portal.

Equitalia immediately made the announcement on its Twitter account apologizing to users of the inconvenience: "The web portal of #Equitalia is currently not accessible due to a hacker attack. We apologize for the inconvenience". Not an easy period for institutional portals: in fact, it is only a few days ago the news of the hacker attack that knocked out the website of the Department of Public Administration and that gave the opportunity to a self-styled hacker from the East to get his hands on over 45,000 access credentials of Italian municipalities.

Site offline since the early hours of the morning

It is not the first time that the Equitalia website suffers a hacker attack, but, the technicians of the collection company report, today's is the heaviest and most sophisticated ever received. Equitalia has been working, with the help of Sogei, since the early hours of the morning to get the service back up and running perfectly, but it is not known for sure when it will be possible to access all of the services offered by the collection company. At the moment, no claim has been made by any hacker group, but it is very probable that the hackers are based outside of Italy.