ERG Mobile, the phone operator that saves you money on gasoline

ERGMobile is the virtual phone operator of the oil company TotalERG. By activating a SIM we will have several advantages on supplies, here's how it works

In recent times we have seen the emergence of virtual phone operators of all kinds. From those related to the world of soccer to those that make you save on spending. Could one that allows us to fill up with fuel be missing? Obviously not, here is in fact ERG Mobile.

As you can guess from the name, ERG Mobile is the virtual telephone operator of the oil company TotalErg. It is a service that can be activated only through a prepaid SIM and the prefix of the new numbers activated with ERG Mobile is 377-5.  As already mentioned, the main feature of ERG Mobile is to give advantages on fuel to those who become users of the telephone operator and at the same time to give additional minutes to customers with an ERG loyalty card, and with an ERG Mobile SIM, depending on the amount of fuel purchased at the affiliated distributors.

What is ERG Mobile

The virtual telephone operator ERG Mobile was founded in 2009 thanks to an agreement between TotalERG and Vodafone and since 2010 the service has been using the latter's networks. Despite TotalERG's recent move to API Group, the prepaid service has not changed. As of December 30, 2017, ERG Mobile could boast 157,732 active users. The number for customer service is 800 987 887.

How to activate ERG Mobile SIM

To activate an ERG Mobile SIM we will just ask in the various distributors of the TotalERG group. To activate the card we will have to fill out a form, which we can also complete at home by printing it directly from the ERG Mobile website. Specifying in the appropriate section of the application form the portability of our old number we will activate an ERG Mobile SIM keeping our old mobile number. The cost of activating the ERG Mobile SIM is 10 euros, and includes 5 euros of included traffic plus 10 euros of bonus traffic.

The ERG Mobile offers

With an ERG Mobile SIM we will have several consumer plans available, while there are basically four all-inclusive offers. With the 350 package we'll have 350 minutes to everyone, 350 SMS and €6 fuel discount for up to 60 liters/month. With the 350 Plus package we will have the same minutes and SMS as before plus 1GB of Internet and the same fuel advantages. The first package costs 8 euros per month, the second 10. With the 500 Più offer instead we will have 500 minutes, 3GB of Internet and up to €5 off fuel for a maximum of 50 liters per month. All for 9 euros per month. Finally with the 600 Più package we will have 600 minutes of calls to all, 4GB of Internet and up to 4€ fuel discount for up to 40 liters/month, paying 12 euros per month.

How to top up ERG Mobile

Recharging our ERG Mobile SIM as mentioned will give us additional discounts on fuel. But how can we make a recharge of this virtual operator? The methods are different. Obviously we can do it in the distributors of the ERG group, or in the Sysal receivers, on the website of the virtual phone operator or through the TotalERG app. And also on the ERG Mobile Facebook page.

The TotalERG app

To monitor your remaining traffic, check your fuel bonuses, top up or simply change your monthly plan, you can use the TotalERG app. Which is the same app that customers with the oil company's loyalty card can use.