Espionage TV series: here are the best

Intrigues, conspiracies, politics and historical references: these are the ingredients of the perfect spy story and the titles to watch on Netflix, Prime Video and NOW TV

International intrigues, secret agreements, agents or detectives without spot or fear, but also undercover spies: the spy story genre, so dear to the world of cinema, is spreading with a fair degree of success even in streaming platforms.

Spy is undoubtedly a niche genre, which collects less popular titles, but loved by a specific group of viewers. Those who love such products will therefore be able to find different titles on Netflix, Prime Video, NOW TV and the like. The ingredients are more or less the same. First of all, a lot also depends on the construction of the characters. Often, in fact, in the plot we find a main protagonist, belonging to the world of international espionage: from the CIA to the KGB then framed in a certain type of environment. Finally, everything can be seasoned with historical references: the dates, the events and the chronicle of the period become essential to develop the story and build a successful product. Here are three titles perfect for lovers of the genre.

The Spy on Netflix

The first series has a very evocative name that immediately recalls the genre of espionage, it is called The Spy.

The plot is inspired by the true story of Eli Cohen, one of the most famous spies of the sixties. Thanks to his charisma, he inserted himself in the Syrian government, moving to the Israeli secret service, namely the Mossad, collecting confidential information capable of influencing the fate of the Middle East politics. The series allows us to understand what is the influence of espionage in the evolution of history and the political landscape worldwide. The main character is played by actor Sacha Baron Cohen, known for his role in Borat.

The Spy is available on Netflix.

Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video

Written by Carlton Cuse, one of the creators of Lost, and inspired by the novel by Tom Clancy, Jack Ryan is one of the most successful spy stories of recent years.

It tells the story of Jack Ryan, an experienced CIA analyst who discovers strange money laundering and bank transfers that lead him to investigate a possible terrorist attack against the United States by a group of criminals from the Middle East.

During the TV series, authorities from other countries will also be involved, such as the President of Venezuela. He will have to act in the shadows to foil a worldwide war. There are two seasons in all, available on Amazon Prime Video.

Deutschland '89 on NOW TV

The series is the final act in the German trilogy devoted to the Cold War years. The final chapter, a sequel to Deutschland '83 and Deutschland '86, focuses on the fall of the Berlin Wall.

It therefore recounts a moment of transition, but also a very delicate one for the future of world history. And it is in this context, that moves Martin Rauch (played by Jonas Nay) a spy in East Germany who must make a decision that will determine his future: join the KGB or escape and change his life?

Deutschland '89 is available on NOW TV.