Esports, Andrea Mele: “The more difficult a tournament is, the more fun I have”

At Romics 2019, we interviewed pro player Andrea Mele, who told us how he became a pro.

At Romics 2019, in the gaming area, there are circulating fans and pro players rushed to participate in the tournaments organized on the occasion of the famous Roman fair.

After meeting Federico Giardini and Diego Campagnani, we also interviewed Andrea Mele, who told us how he became a pro player, almost by chance.

"I've been a professional for three years - he told our microphones - I took part in a random tournament in Rome because it was close to my home and I qualified among the best 16. Now Andrea's goal is to take part in the World Championship: "Tournaments take place online, if you are among the first ones, you can qualify for the live events in England, with very high prizes".

For the moment, Andrea is enjoying the local tournaments without fearing much the competition.

"Here at Romics I took part yesterday in a qualifying tournament. - He explains - I am from Rome and I came to try, but the others were all amateur players and I won easily. Now a difficult tournament awaits me, because they are all pros but it is more fun, even if I don't win it. I like competition and knowing that a tournament is very difficult leads me to do better."