Esports break into the world of The Simpsons

In the episode titled E My Sports, Bart becomes a pro gamer supported by Homer, amazed at how much money can be made from a video game.

The feeling that the world of eSports (even Francesco Totti has given his name to a FIFA 19 tournament) is becoming more and more unstoppable and a phenomenon to keep an eye on matches their surprise appearance in the world of The Simpsons.

The animated series, created by Matt Groening and aired since 1987, has become a huge container of satire that, over the years, has been able to ironize on many social and cultural phenomena. For this reason, the episode aired in the U.S. on Sunday, March 17 - and titled And My Sports - is so important.

In the episode, Bart ends up getting stuck on Conflict of Enemies, a fantasy video game inspired by League of Legends (Riot Games has in fact collaborated on the writing of the episode). He then decides to become a pro gamer and participate in an international tournament in Seoul, supported by Homer who - like any self-respecting parent - is amazed at how much money can be made from a video game.

"We hope that this episode - a spokesperson told CNBC - as well as the growing popularity of streamers and pro players, will have a real impact on how people view eSports in the long run." And undoubtedly, this time Bart will have contributed to the cause...