Esports, interview with Diego Campagnani of QLASH

At Romics 2019 we interviewed Diego Campagnani of QLASH House, who told us about the situation of eSports in Italy.

There are many pro players who came to Romics 2019 to experience the gaming area of the fair and participate in the tournaments organized for the occasion.

There's also Diego Campagnani (here's our interview with Federico Giardini) - from QLASH - winner of the Fifa 16 Championship and Italian vice-champion of Fifa 14.

Diego reveals that he was at Romics to participate in a tournament organized by Futxfun. It was played on Fifa19 in kickoff mode. "I think it's a good tournament," Diego confesses, "and we hope it goes well."

Diego Campagnani's position in the eSports world is singular, because Diego is currently participating in the Spanish League. "I live in Spain and it's clear that at the moment in Italy we are far behind. - He confesses - In Spain I see that the movement is a different story".

And is there any adversary that he particularly fears? "No one - he jokes - they are all affordable opponents".