Eurovision 2017, how to stream the Eurofestival of song

Among the main candidates for the final victory of Eurovision 2017 is the Italian Gabbani, here's how to stream the last act of the competition

The final of Eurovision 2017 is approaching. The Eurofestival of song, now in its 62nd edition, is hosted this year by the city of Kiev, Ukraine. Among the big favorites in the final on Saturday, May 13 is the Italian Francesco Gabbani. Let's see how to watch the singing competition in streaming.

As mentioned Francesco Gabbani, former winner of the Sanremo Festival, with his Occidentali's Karma is among the main candidates for the final victory. If the Italian singer succeeds, next year Italy will host the European song competition. It should be remembered that our country has won the Eurovision Song Contest only twice, in 1964 with Gigliola Cinquetti and in 1990 with Toto Cutugno. There are several methods to be able to follow Eurovision 2017 even away from home. Let's see the different possible options to use on tablets, computers or smartphones.

How to watch Eurovision 2017 live streaming

All evenings of Eurovision 2017 can be followed in full on the official website of the competition. Those who want to follow the live broadcast with the commentary in Italian will have to connect to RaiPlay, which will stream the episode commented by Flavio Insinna and Federico Russo. In case you are interested in the original language, the platform also allows you to watch the broadcast in original language and Italian subtitles. If we are YouTube lovers there is the possibility to follow the final and comment it live on the official channel of Eurovision 2017.

How to watch Eurovision 2017 streaming from your smartphone

In case you are not at home and do not have a PC at your disposal, you can watch Eurovision Song Contest 2017 streaming also on smartphones and tablets. It will be enough to download the official app of the event (available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms) and press on the live video banner: within a few seconds we will be able to listen to all the songs of the Eurofestival 2017.