Everysight Raptor, the augmented reality glasses for cyclists

Raptor, augmented reality glasses made by Everysight, are developed to give cyclists and triathletes an edge to improve performance, fitness and health

Smart glasses for cycling are nothing new, but they tend to have a big problem: the wearable visor partially obscures the view. It's an annoyance at best, and a risk at worst. Everysight has studied a technology that solves this inconvenience.

Raptor, augmented reality glasses, are still under development but their features are now in the public domain. In this smart device, data are projected on transparent displays placed on the lenses: the cyclist has no "blind spots" in the view and receives information on the route, speed, heart rate and other important data for his training. The Raptors are also able to record the performance in HD format (with audio) and then review it later to further improve those details that can make the difference between a victory or a defeat.

Raptor, features and functionality of augmented reality glasses

The secret of Raptor is the BEAM technology patented by Everysight, that is, a transparent screen that superimposes high-resolution and real-time information - collected by external sensors - directly in front of the user's eyes. This information covers, for example, the route with step-by-step directions, time, distance, speed, heart rate, cadence and power, and more, minimizing eye strain. Cyclists can also choose to use a controller located on the handlebars, voice commands and touchpad located on the sides of the Raptors that offer additional control functions including maps, volume, brightness, communication and other features, among others. A camera records high-definition video via the dedicated iOS and Android app - which can be uploaded and analyzed post-ride. And perhaps shared with friends and/or fans via any social media.

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How to get the Raptors on trial

The Raptor ARs also allow you to sync data with a number of third-party fitness trackers and cycling apps, though Everysight has not yet provided a list. Just as it hasn't yet released a launch date for these innovative smart glasses. There is, however, a chance to try them out for a preview: register to participate in the Test Pilot Program. Those of you who have been working out for at least 12 months, using a computer to viciĀ and fitness tracker applications to control your heart rate, could apply on Everysight's website and hope to be chosen for the test: you have until December 23. If you weren't chosen, don't despair, there will be more testing next year before the official launch of the Raptor AR.

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