Everything a website can do for a brand

Creating a corporate website allows you to achieve different goals for a brand: how to best use it to grow your business

Any brand that wants to build its online presence in the digital age cannot give up creating a website tailored to the needs and requirements of its business. The website should be designed in such a way as to allow the business to achieve its objectives, which are not limited to making itself known online.

In addition to improving the visibility of the brand, the company website can be designed to achieve other results such as increasing the number of contacts interested in the brand, which may become new customers, or even increase the number of visits to the physical store, so as to increase conversions. This implies creating a customized website with different features depending on the type of goal you want to achieve from time to time. Creating and modifying a website requires specific skills and a team of experts, such as Italiaonline's service with Nuova offer sites: a modular product that allows you to customize your company website according to the desired results.

How to use a website to improve visibility

When the objective of the company's marketing strategy is to improve the visibility of the brand and the products or services it offers, the website must be designed and built in order to strengthen the aspects that make it recognizable and consolidate its online presence. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on a customization through graphic and visual elements, using photos, videos, sliders and advanced photo gallery that allow to improve the brand identity and the brand image.

It is also important the aspect of brand reputation, which can be improved through the implementation of a reserved area in the site for customers, or potential customers, who, by registering, will be able to obtain privileged information on the initiatives of the business. In addition, it is important to take care of the possibility of greater direct interaction between the brand and the customer, through the possibility of leaving reviews, but also the integration of a social feed, a calendar of events or even Zoom widgets.

How to use a website to increase the contact database

A website is also an effective tool to generate new leads, i.e. to obtain the contacts of potential customers interested in the service or product offered by the company. The leads then get in touch with the brand, leaving their data such as email or phone number, which will be saved in the CRM software and used for email marketing campaigns or via SMS. To achieve the goal, it will be necessary to use an ad hoc template that guides the user through the navigation and facilitates the desired conversion, which integrates an advanced contact form for lead acquisition. The website could then contain interactive calculators and a reserved area, where you can get additional and personalized information about your interests, leading to advanced CTAs to facilitate the generation of new contacts.

How to use a website to bring visits to the store

For those who decide to implement a marketing strategy that aims to increase omnichannel sales, the best solution is to create a website that increases visits to physical stores, creating a synergy between online and offline. This type of site should have a product catalog and a wish list, which allows you to open a direct communication channel with the business to request information or quotes. It should not miss a Menu or Price List module, from which the potential customer can have additional information about the product or service he is interested in.

Another strong point is the presence of dynamic pop-ups, for example, that indicate the proximity of the user to the physical store or the opening hours of the nearest store. Creating a modular site, like the one of Nuova offerta siti di Italiaonline, turns out to be one of the most effective solutions on the net to create a website customized on business goals and maximize the results achieved.