Everything you can do from the Google homepage (apart from searches)

From the Google homepage you can access some hidden features such as video games and a custom GUI

The Google homepage is very famous. Everyone has used it at least once in their life to start an Internet search. But not everyone is aware of the other things you can do on the Google page besides searches.

It has to be said that the developers of Google, when they are not busy with various updates, have fun creating video game surprises to load on the search engine. For example if we go under Images and search for "Atari Breakout" we will start playing the famous video game. For those who don't know it, it is a game where with a small ball, thrown with a bar, you have to destroy all the bricks. The goal is to break the blocks without dropping the ball. To start playing just write on Images the phrase "Atari Breakout" and the game will start automatically.

Google vintage

Do you like vintage? If you don't like Google's modern Doodles and home page, just type in the URL bar https://archive.google.com/heart to start doing Internet searches using the old Google GUI. It's very 1990s. On this page you can also take advantage of an old Google feature, "I'm Feeling Lucky". Let's try clicking on this item without typing anything into the search bar. A random result will pop up for us. From the flag of Chile to the largest association in the world. If we are lucky the topic will interest us.


Atari Breakout is not the only classic videogame present on Google. For example, after the easter egg of 2010 on the platform you can play Pac-Man. Doing so is very simple: just search Pac-Man on Google. Searching for Tic Tac Toe instead you can play Tic Tac Toe.

Funny commands

There are also some commands that you can set by simply searching for a specific phrase. For example, if we were to type "do a barrel roll" and then click enter the search engine, and the related Internet page, will do a 360° spin on our screen. A similar trick to the vintage home is to type "Google in 1998". Once you have done this search, the search engine will give you the results according to the graphical interface used in the late nineties. However, if you type "Askew" and press enter, the results will appear askew and a bit crooked, like a badly fixed picture. There are also default timer and stopwatch applications that start by simply searching for these items on Google. You can view Google in many languages, but few know the search engine in pirate language, or Klingon or hacker language.