Expensive Chat, the anti-WhatsApp that makes you pay for every word you write

Pay for every message you send online? With Expensive Chat it's possible. Find out how the anti-WhatsApp chat works

Before WhatsApp and Messenger there was the traditional SMS. Unlike modern messaging apps, the Short Message Service was paid for and contained a maximum of 160 characters. This feature made each message especially valuable. Each Sending was thoughtful, and of course it was not wasted to send a smiley face (at the time there were no emoji) or a simple "good morning".

Messages were paid for, and were therefore used sparingly. This is the same principle that prompted entrepreneur Marc Köhlbrugge to create Exprensive Chat, a messaging app where each letter costs 1 cent. The service presents itself as a social experiment and aims to observe and understand how users act when they can't send a message for free, but have to pay even for each character entered into it. The app has already received a fair amount of interest among experts and is preparing for an interesting evolution, useful at a social level.

Expensive Chat, 1 penny for your thoughts

The anti-WhatsApp chat has accumulated $500 in its first days of life, and is preparing to increase its turnover. Founder Marc Köhlbrugge called the idea a "fun way to make extra money." In fact, he also wants to understand what happens in the mind of the users if they are inclined to pay, then weigh, every word sent.

To access the chat room, just log on to the official website of Expensive Chat. The interface is very simple and intuitive. On the left side appears the payoff that explains the objective of the site: Spend your money to chat with strangers who spend money to chat with strangers. One penny per letter (Spend money to chat with strangers who spend money to chat with strangers. One penny per letter). On the left side is the ranking of the biggest spenders.

The actual chat occupies almost all the available space. In the window the thread of messages, and next to each is shown the total cost. Chatting for free is impossible: if you try to send a message, a pop-up window opens to make the transaction.

At the moment all the proceeds go directly into the hands of the founder, but soon the project may take a decidedly useful turn on a social level.

The future of Expensive Chat: celebrities and charity

Marc Köhlbrugge is already thinking about the development of his project. When it reaches a certain popularity and stability problems are solved, Expensive Chat could be used for alternative interviews with actors, singers and other celebrities. Each user will pay a fee to submit his or her question and thus a considerable amount of money can be achieved. At the end, the non-profit association to which the proceeds of the chat will be assigned will be chosen. In short, Expensive Chat starts as a fun social experiment, but soon it could become a useful platform for social purposes.