Face.DJ, 3D selfies are within everyone’s reach

Available only to Apple users, the VisionLabs app lets you make 3D facial models using your smartphone camera

According to VisionLabs, the Russian company that specializes in facial recognition technology that developed it, Face.DJ is an app that lets you turn a selfie into a very realistic 3D avatar. And without the need to use sophisticated tools.

All you need, in fact, is a simple smartphone. You frame your face and in a second the application converts the image into a 3D model. The most important element, which distinguishes the system developed by VisionLabs from other similar technologies, is the ease with which it is possible to create a 3D facial model. The application, in fact, works using the normal frontal camera of the smartphone. And that's not all. Another feature not to be underestimated is the quality of the avatars developed by Face.DJ. The application designed by the Russian company, using a series of advanced facial recognition algorithms, is able to capture almost perfectly some of the most difficult to reconstruct parts of the face, such as the face, nose and lips.

Face.DJ: an app for virtual reality

Face DJ represents another inexpensive solution that users can use to transform themselves into 3D avatars. Thoughts immediately run to virtual reality, where 3D facial models can be used in a variety of circumstances. The application doesn't just allow users to take selfies and turn them into virtual images. Face.DJ, in fact, offers numerous features, such as the ability to customize the 3D creation, adding hair, glasses and many other objects.

Available only on iOS

The application from VisionLabs has a problem: it is not available for everyone. Face.DJ can currently only be downloaded by Apple users, and there is no information if the Russian company's app will also land on Android.