FaceApp Challenge: how to age your face on Instagram

FaceApp is an app that uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to age users' selfies: here's how it works

Imagine how we will be in a few years, aged with wrinkles marking the face and gray hair. A curiosity more or less inherent in all of us and that today, thanks to a new app allows us to satisfy this desire. The app in question is called FaceApp and was launched in 2017, but only in recent months has experienced unexpected success, thanks mainly to the "aged" images posted by VIPs.

Lately on Twitter or Instagram many users have shared photos in which they show an aged version of themselves. This is not a filter present on social networks, but FaceApp's artificial intelligence algorithms that are able to analyze a person's face and show an aged version of the subject portrayed in the photo. The application is available for free for both Android and iOS users, although with some limitations on the number of filters that can be used.

FaceApp: a successful application

FaceApp is a free smartphone application available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, FaceApp is able to create realistic photos that transform the user's face, using artificial intelligence and automatic filters. Back in 2017 FaceApp was already quite successful, but the latest version, thanks to the use by stars and celebrities, has reached an increasingly realistic level which has allowed the app to go viral. The free version has a limited offer of filters, but the results are truly amazing: you can change the expression of the mouth, hair color, change sexual gender, as well as go back in time and "rejuvenate". FaceApp Pro, equipped with a greater number of filters some of which are editable, can be purchased through a monthly subscription of $3.99. Alternatively, the annual cost is $19.99, while if you want to use the app forever you have to pay $39.99.

FaceApp: how it works

The application was developed by a small team of Russian engineers based in St. Petersburg and uses neural networks that can modify the face while maintaining the realistic effect of the photo. To use FaceApp, after downloading it, simply take a photo with your smartphone or choose one from the library and then edit the image with the various filters available.