FaceApp changes the features of faces thanks to neural networks

FaceApp is very original and thanks to artificial intelligence is able to distort the appearance of a face. Available for free on the App Store

Forget the usual photo editing apps, even those that overflow with filters of all kinds. FaceApp does just four things, and it does them great: it adds a smile where it's missing, turns a face from young to old in the blink of an eye, gives you an elixir of beauty, and changes gender from woman to man and vice versa.

Neural networks are revolutionizing the computer world in just about every field, but image editing is the one that's perhaps, at least right now, experiencing the most drastic changes. There are already applications such as Prisma that have demonstrated the power of this new technology, but on the horizon there is a new photo editing tool - FaceApp - that is using neural networks in a different way. Questa “new entry”, a differenza di Prisma che mantiene il contenuto originale di una fotografia cambiandone lo stile, FaceApp cambia, invece, il contenuto pur mantenendo quel tocco di fotorealismo.

Così è se vi pare

FaceApp è un’applicazione nuovissima, disponibile in questo momento solo per iOS, ma che sarà a breve presente anche sugli scaffali del Google Play. L’applicazione sviluppata da Wireless Lab OOO propone, attualmente, solo sei filtri: sorriso, bellezza, giovane, vecchio, maschio e femmina. Se siete timidi o in quella particolare foto non avete fatto in tempo a sorridere? Nessun problema ci pensa FaceApp a risolvere la questione.

facepp-reti-neurali-lifting.jpgFonte foto: Wireless Lab OOO

Più giovane e bella grazie alle reti neurali di FaceApp

Qualcuno di voi si chiede che faccia avrà tra vent’anni? L’applicazione vi invecchia all’istante in un touch. Or the opposite: do you want to look younger? You have two options: use the same filter, but in "reverse", or the "beauty" one that gives you an instant facelift. And here comes the fun part: how would you look if you were born men instead of women or vice versa? Find out, you'll be amazed by the result.

Maxies invest in neural networks

These "tricks" are the result of filters that use artificial intelligence to analyze the image and make changes to a face: it is not at all a work of copy-and-paste, maybe even well done, in Photoshop. That means it's impossible to imagine the result unless you try the application. That definitely won't be your real smile, and maybe in a few years your appearance will be different from the one proposed by FaceApp, but the result looks realistic, even if it's not real. FaceApp is a fun tool to manipulate images, but giants like Abobe are investing huge resources in research and development of neural networks to create professional tools. FaceApp offers you a nice little taste of what the future holds. It's free, so why not give it a try?