Facebook, AI improves image recognition

Lumos will help subscribers locate images without resorting to tags or description: just type a keyword

Facebook continues to experiment with new systems to make its platform smarter and smarter, as evidenced by the latest feature that improves image recognition. The feature is based on Lumos, a computer vision technology.

Thanks to the new feature, users will be able to search using a keyword related to the content of the photo. In fact, the smart system will help subscribers locate images without using any tags or descriptions. Once the keyword is entered, the feature will search for those photos that the system believes are relevant to users. And according to rumors, the new tool may soon be available for videos as well. But how does the new recognition work? Using an advanced neural network capable of recognizing photos based on their content.

Facebook bets more and more on artificial intelligence

At the heart of Facebook's latest project is therefore artificial intelligence. The new "semantic" system will therefore allow users of the social platform to search for images with better accuracy and above all timeliness. As mentioned, the new feature will be controlled by Lumos, an artificial face technology that allows the platform to "understand" the content of photos. The tool works by combining image information with keywords. So the social network is increasingly intent, as shown by recent movements, to improve the experience of its members.

Also improved the Automatic Alternative Text

But that's not all. Facebook is reportedly perfecting Automatic Alternative Text as well. This is a technology that the Zuckerberg-founded company launched last April that helps blind people recognize photos. The new update will describe not only the content of the images, but also the actions performed by their protagonists.