Facebook arrives the “Dislike” button, but only on Messenger

The social will implement in its messaging service the emoji already present on News Feed and along with these there will also be the long-awaited "Dislike" button

Facebook seems to be determined to satisfy one of the most pressing requests of its users in the last period, namely the implementation of the "Dislike" button. Apparently the platform social is testing the Dislike in its beta version. Attention, however, you will not be able to use it in the News Feed but only on Messenger.

The "Dislike" button should arrive on Facebook's messaging service along with the other popular smilies called reactions and the Like that has made the social famous, among other things. Surely some users will be disappointed, but in the meantime it's an important step towards a future implementation also in the News Feed. For many, in fact, the disapproval button would make more sense in the news feed, where it would be used to indicate to friends or pages followed what we don't like, based on their posts.

The other emoji

As mentioned, along with the thumbs up and down button there will be the typical reactions of the News Feed. That is, the heart-eyed face, the smiley face, the surprised one, the crying face and the angry one. Facebook assures that on Messenger the thumbs down will not serve exactly as a don't like but will have the function of meaning more like a "no". The new emoji is designed, in fact, for quick responses in chat and in offices, where you have little time to indicate your reaction to colleagues or friends. As said at the moment will be visible, all emoji and not only the Dislike, only in the beta version of Messenger. And Facebook has not yet stated if and when there will be an official rollout of the new feature.