Facebook, augmented reality glasses almost ready

Oculus, a company acquired by Facebook, has filed a patent for AR glasses, equipped with a special technology for projecting images

Facebook is not just a social network. Facebook is a company that has several projects in the pipeline. With Oculus, a company acquired by the American giant in 2014 for two billion dollars, in addition to virtual reality, Mark Zuckerberg's company is also working on augmented reality.

In the last few hours, a few more details emerge about the AR devices that Facebook has in mind. The subsidiary Oculus, in fact, has recently presented a patent, which speaks of a particular device for augmented reality: a pair of glasses that can superimpose virtual images generated by a computer and equipped with an innovative technology, known as waveguide. There are currently no indications on the timing of the arrival of the new AR device. The document, however, confirms the commitment of Facebook in the field of augmented reality, technology around which will revolve the next hi-tech news.

The Facebook AR glasses

Turning to the Oculus patent, it refers to a device that includes waveguide displays, capable of projecting images in front of the eyes in a different way than normal screens. Facebook's glasses for augmented reality will also be able to process virtual videos, will be equipped with speakers and will also support audio transmission through connected headphones.

So, slowly, more concrete information about the future projects of Facebook, more and more decided to launch in virtual and augmented reality. Sectors that are strongly growing, as evidenced by the work carried out by Microsoft, Google and Apple.