Facebook Avatars arrives in Italy: what it is and how it works

Facebook Avatars is also available in Italy. Here's what it's for and how to create a custom avatar on Facebook with your own face

How many people would like to use their face in a sticker to send to their friends on Facebook? Soon this feature will be available also in Italy. In fact, Facebook Avatars, the tool already present in other parts of the world, will be released also for Italian users. This is a great news, especially for all those who use emoji and stickers to "talk" with their friends and relatives: the images, now, in many cases, have replaced the written words: just a simple emoticon to show your mood.

The revolution of custom stickers began with the Apple Memoji, soon copied by all: messaging applications and smartphone manufacturers. Even as far as Facebook is concerned, this is not actually a real novelty: a similar feature is already present on WhatsApp. Facebook Avatars, in fact, will have a similar operation to the custom stickers of WhatsApp: you start from a preset and you customize it according to your own characteristics. When will Facebook Avatars be available? After the long testing phase started some time ago in Australia and New Zealand, this new and nice feature is landing in Europe, including Italy. The tool is currently in the rollout phase and, soon, it will finally be available on our electronic devices.

Facebook Avatars: how it works

You don't have to worry, the operation of Facebook Avatars is very simple. Facebook has created a special editor that allows you to create a small Avatar in our image and likeness, using a series of presets and different options with many possibilities of customization, starting from the shape of the face, to the color of the eyes, hair and so on. The editor will be available within Messenger, within the section dedicated to stickers.

When will Facebook Avatars be available

Facebook Avatars is being released these days, so it could be available at any moment. To check the availability of the tool, just try opening Messenger or adding a comment to a Facebook post and check the sticker bar by clicking on the smiley face. If among the tools there is also the possibility to create your own personal avatar, then it will mean that you have already received it.