Facebook bug: the social publishes old photos and videos without consent

On hundreds of Facebook profiles are resurfacing old content without the explicit permission of users. The social network confirms: it's a bug

Have you also noticed something strange on Facebook? Old photos and videos repurposed without any logic? The selection of these old posts, photos and videos is random and is causing quite a stir. In fact, these contents don't always remind us of "pleasant" events and users are complaining loudly.

We're not talking about the "Your year in a nutshell" video that retraces the milestones of our own 2016 on Facebook that we can decide to edit, publish on our profile or keep it private. This is a real bug, an error of the Facebook system, which affects some randomly selected profiles that find themselves on the wall messages, photos or videos months (or even years) old without a precise logic and, above all, without the will of the targeted users. Facebook is aware of the problem and has made it known that it is working to solve this unfortunate problem.

Old memories come back from the past

The hypotheses that are causing this annoying bug are various, but basically two are pointed out as the most likely "culprits" of this unsolicited amarcord. Some attribute it to the release of the new release of Facebook for iOS available since last Thursday, or more likely to the creation of the video "Year in Review" (translated into Italian "Your year in a nutshell") that aims to involve us even more, especially emotionally, by retrieving the most important content that we have shared in the last year. It's a bug vaguely reminiscent of the one that occurred in 2012 when some private messages - exchanged between users between 2007 and 2009 - were published on the timeline, as the Diary was called at the time, infuriating many users.