Facebook changes public pages: all the news

Mark Zuckerberg's social network announces profound changes to public pages: away with the Like, comes the news feed.

Facebook's Public Pages have been redesigned to offer creators and public figures a simpler and more intuitive management experience. The social network ditches the Like option and opts for Follow, bringing new management tools and greater security for communities and business goals.

Among the new features that jump out at you is the new layout, an improved News Feed peer discover and participate in conversations, follow trends and interact with fans and your community. Facebook has also thought about a navigation system between the personal profile of the creator and the public Page that is more fluid and easy, as well as introducing a whole new set of tools for management: from Insights and Ads, to new functions for messages. There's also no shortage of features implemented from a security and integrity perspective, to avoid spam and fake accounts.

Facebook revamps Pages: layout and News Feed

The new Public Pages layout for Facebook has been redesigned to be cleaner, simplifying the display of biographies, posts and other important information. This makes for smooth and easy navigation, even between Pages and personal profiles.

Thanks to a dedicated News Feed for Pages, you'll be able to discover and participate in conversations of interest to you and follow social network trends with targeted suggestions. To increase the visibility of creators and public figures, comments and conversations of a Page will have more space in the News Feed of their followers, with the comments of managers that will be moved to the top of the section.

In addition, for more interaction and support richer conversations, the next version of Pages will support a new format of text-based questions and answers. The social network says goodbye to Likes and chooses to focus on users who put Follow to the Public Page. Facebook is thus focusing on how people connect to their favorite pages, so they can receive updates and notifications that are relevant.

Facebook revamps Pages: new management tools

Facebook's Public Pages also gets a revamp in management tools, offering the ability to assign and manage access permissions to administrators based on specific tasks. You'll be able to set different levels of access to manage insights, Ads and Ads, content, activities and community posts.

Pages, security and integrity improved

The security and integrity of Public Pages has also been implemented by Facebook, so that it's a safe place for followers and adheres to the social network's standard rules of behavior. In addition, verified badging for Pages increases in importance, so that you can ensure that posts and comments are from authentic profiles rather than fake accounts.