Facebook changes the accounts of the deceased: created parallel bulletin board

In a few weeks, a new section will be introduced in the profiles of dead users. Here friends and relatives will be able to share memories and anecdotes

The management of profiles of deceased users has always been one of the most delicate topics for Facebook developers and designers. After several attempts, Mark Zuckerberg's social network introduced the memorial profile, a "locked" bulletin board in which friends could leave messages of condolences for family members and share memories of the deceased.

A measure evidently deemed insufficient, as Facebook prepares to introduce a new profile section called Tributes. Managed directly by the heir contact, the Tributes section will allow users to interact more directly and freely, without the filters previously imposed by the memorial account. At the moment, this new feature is only available in the United States but, after a short period of testing, it will be released for all other users.

How the Facebook Tribute section for dead people works

According to what you can read in the Facebook support page, the new section resembles in many ways a normal profile. In the Tributes section you will be able to write new posts, publish photos and anecdotes related to the memory of the deceased. To moderate the publication will be the heir contact, another Facebook user indicated as "heir" of our information and our account. The same contact will be able to decide to publish updates and photos, edit profile photos and cover photos and accept new friends and delete existing ones.

In short, a real space in which family and friends can remember the deceased, telling stories and old memories related to their knowledge and relationships with the dead person.