Facebook, comes the dislike button for comments

Facebook is testing the "dislike" button in the United States. It will only be available in comments and will serve the social to obscure harsh words

Facebook is trying again. After introducing the "dislike" button within Messenger (it can be used as a Reaction to the messages of your friends), the social network is testing it also within the platform, although it will not have the same functions as the "like" button.

The new command introduced by Facebook is not a real "Dislike" button. The function is present within the comments and can be used by users to report messages with the harshest and most offensive words to the platform. In gergo tecnico è chiamato downvote e consente agli iscritti alla piattaforma social di segnalare quali siano i commenti più pertinenti e quali, invece, quelli fuori tema, così da poter generare una sorta di “graduatoria” dei commenti migliori e di quelli peggiori. Dopo una prima fase di test, circoscritta ad alcune Pagine verificate attive negli Stati Uniti, sembra che Facebook stia iniziando pian piano a rendere accessibile la funzione un po’ in tutto il Nord America.

A cosa serve il tasto “downvote” di Facebook

tasto-downvote-facebook-1.jpgFonte foto: Web

Il tasto downvote

Come si può intuire dal nome, il downvote non ha nulla a che fare con il tasto “non mi piace”. È più che altro uno strumento dato in mano agli utenti per esprimere il loro “voto contro” a un commento lasciato da un’altra persona in un post. This new command falls within the strategy launched in early 2018 by Facebook against violent comments and the escalation of "verbal" confrontation on the platform. It's no secret that Mark Zuckerberg is trying hard to make only content that encourages civil interactions, carried out with friends and family, rise to the top of each user's News section.

Through the downvote button, Facebook will get interesting data about the type of comments that users don't want to read on the platform and will try hard to hide them. The more downvotes a post receives, the more likely it is that Facebook will not let it appear on the platform.

Where is the downvote 

While remaining usable only in North America, the downvote feature is now usable by more users. This is a sign that the test phase, reserved for some verified pages in the United States, has given the hoped-for results to the team of engineers and developers who had conceived it. If this second phase should give good results, it is not to be excluded that it will soon be extended to over 1.5 billion users registered to the social network of Mark Zuckerberg.