Facebook doesn’t work, isolated problems also in Italy

Some users have reported on Twitter the malfunction of Facebook. The greatest inconvenience in France and Great Britain

Panic all over Europe. And this time, fortunately, it is not a terrorist attack. As of 10:30 this morning, Facebook is not reachable in most of Europe, in some isolated areas of Southeast Asia and on the Atlantic coast of the United States.

The alarm was given on Twitter by some users who detected problems loading the News Feed. Slowly the malfunction spread like wildfire and it was possible to understand which areas were the most affected. The epicenter of the problem seems to be located in France and Great Britain, but the causes are not yet known. After a first moment of panic, the problem should be reentered in a few minutes, but there are still many users on Twitter who report having problems in viewing their wall and the flow of news.

No comment from Facebook

At the moment no comment from the headquarters of Menlo Park. And most likely no official statement will be released. This kind of problems affect the social platform every day, in this case the peculiarity concerns only the large number of people involved. In a couple of hours the problem should be solved and users will be able to start using their Facebook accounts normally again.