Facebook down on Android on July 12, what’s happening

Since early afternoon on July 12, Facebook's Android app has stopped working. Access problems concentrated mainly in large cities

In the early afternoon of today, thousands of users started reporting malfunctions on Facebook for Android, while iOS users (and those accessing from PC) do not seem to be affected. According to comments on Twitter and industry platforms such as Down Detector, the app crashes a few seconds after launch, preventing users from accessing their Wall.

The first reports of Facebook down arrived around 12:00 on July 12, and quickly grew to peak between 2:00 and 2:30 pm. During this time, no communication came from the Menlo Park, California-based company, and it's unclear how to interpret this prolonged silence. It's likely that technicians and engineers are trying to find out the source of the malfunction, but for now Facebook doesn't work on a lot of Android smartphone models, regardless of the version of the operating system they use.

Facebook doesn't work on Android, what we know so far

To understand what's going on and try to find out why Facebook isn't working on July 12, it's useful to refer directly to user reports.

Most of those having problems accessing the social platform report having computers running Android 6 or Android 7, although there are also users with a latest generation phone and Android 8 Oreo on board.

In short, an issue that affects a wide spectrum of devices, both abroad and in our country. At the moment, the vast majority of reports come from the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands, but slowly grows the volume of complaints in our country. In particular, it is the inhabitants of Rome and Milan who have the biggest access problems, with hundreds of new reports arriving every minute.