Facebook down on August 17, what’s happening

Facebook is not working throughout Italy since 18:30 on August 17: it does not allow access to their profile neither from smartphones nor from computers. The causes are unknown

The summer heat has also affected the social platform: since 18:30 on August 17, Facebook is down in some parts of Italy: users try to access their account from both computer and smartphone, but get as a result only an error page. The problem doesn't seem to have affected everyone, but only some users.

On Twitter the hashtag #facebookdown is slowly rising in the Trending Topic and messages arrive from all over the World, a sign that the social network is creating problems not only in Italy. The disruption seems to affect mainly the Facebook application: when you try to log in or comment on a post, a message is shown informing us that we are offline. As it usually happens in these cases, Facebook has not released any information about the causes of the malfunction, but surely the technicians of the social network are already working to solve the problem and restore the social platform.

Why Facebook is not working on August 17

To understand a bit what is happening you can refer to the reports that users are publishing on Twitter and downdetector.it, a site that collects complaints from people when a service is not working. Many are reporting that despite the presence of the internet connection on the smartphone, the Facebook application is signaling that we are offline. The problem concerns especially when you try to comment on a news or a photo: a window appears that warns us that we are offline and we can not complete the operation.

Facebook for the moment has not commented on the news, but will surely be working to solve the problem. Already in the next few hours we will be back to commenting on the news of our friends.

Alternatives to Facebook

If you are in the grip of a panic crisis and do not know how to talk to your friends, you should know that there are good alternatives to Facebook. For example, Twitter, where you'll be able to freely comment on posts published by your friends. If, on the other hand, you are a picture lover, the social platform for you is Instagram.