Facebook: for the first time exceeded one billion mobile users

The social network continues its growth with 2.37 billion in earnings in the last quarter and the main revenues come from smartphone ads

Facebook updates in the last period went to meet the new needs of users. From work features to shopping features. And there is a data that shows that within the social network developers are doing their job well: the growth of mobile users.

The numbers show the good health of Facebook. As has often happened in its history Facebook has beaten Wall Street's forecasts. In the third quarter of 2016, Mark Zuckerberg's social media company reported revenue of $7.01 billion. An increase of 59% compared to the previous year's figures. Net income reached $2.37 billion with a growth of 166%. Il grande successo è dato in maniera significativa dalla crescita delle vendite di pubblicità per utenti connessi da smartphone. Questo aspetto ha generato 5,7 miliardi di fatturato. E da solo ha composto l’84% dei ricavi totali di Facebook nell’ultimo trimestre.

Numeri degli utenti mobile di Facebook


I ricavi di Facebook negli ultimi anni

Invece, sotto il profilo degli utenti Facebook continua ad aumentarne il numero a un ritmo sostenuto. Sul social network almeno 1,79 miliardi di persone si collegano almeno una volta al mese, +16% sull’anno scorso. Di questi utenti 1,18 miliardi controllano Facebook almeno una volta al giorno, e 1,09 miliardi entrano almeno una volta al giorno sul social dal proprio smartphone. This is the first time that Facebook's monthly active mobile users exceed 1 billion.

The future for the social network

The main investments in recent times for Facebook have been in updating its algorithm. The main goal is to become, together with Instagram, the first social to be used from mobile. Here the main competition is given by Snapchat. The "stories" inserted on Instagram or the integration of encryption on Facebook Messenger are no coincidence. It is likely that in the coming months Facebook will change again by focusing on user-to-user personalization, rather than on news and advertising messages as one might have thought a few months ago. Keeping up this pace for Facebook will still be impossible or almost impossible. The same financial director of the social network David Wehner said that Facebook right now is at the peak of its career and in the coming years the numbers will only shrink.