Facebook gets “Clear History”: here’s how to clear your history

A new feature that will allow you to clear your entire Facebook history is coming. It will be called Clean History. Here's how it will work

The Cambridge Analytica scandal, which has involved Facebook in recent months, has forced the company to take cover and make decisions to protect user privacy. The platform has introduced several features, including the ability to delete messages sent in Messenger chat.

Soon, by clicking on the Clear History button, it will be possible to delete the history of all actions performed in the social network. The announcement was made by David Wehner, CFO of Facebook, who in this way wanted to launch a message of protection and safeguard addressed to members. However, there has been controversy: many argue that Mark Zuckerberg actually wants to clean his conscience and show a fake disinterest in the amount of personal data contained in the social network. One thing is certain: the feature will be appreciated by many people, and will impact on the targeting of advertisements.

How will Clear History by Facebook work?

It will soon be possible to delete the history of the social network and make a clean slate of personal interests recorded in it. The rumor has been circulating for quite some time, more precisely since Facebook Eight (F8), the annual conference dedicated to developers and entrepreneurs who want to invest in the platform or propose new ideas.

Not many details are known yet, but certainly delete the history will be simple and immediate. To do so, you'll just have to activate a special command called Clear History. From that moment on, any trace related to likes, comments, shares, profiles, pages visited and other activities carried out on the social network will be untraceable. Users will be able to use the platform without fear of being spied on. This decision will help Facebook recover some of the reputation lost with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, although many are not convinced of the good faith of Zuckerberg & Co. towards privacy.

Facebook: how to clean up search history

It is already possible to delete the internal search history. To do so, just click on the search bar. At this point, the social automatically shows a drop-down menu with the last searches you made. To delete everything, you have to click on the Edit item in the upper right part, access the page dedicated to Search History and click on Delete Searches.

If instead you want to see the activities performed on Facebook, within the same page there is the Activity Log item in the left menu. You can view all the actions performed since signing up to the platform. To have the Clean History button you'll have to wait a little longer, but it will probably be available by 2019.