Facebook gets color: testing colored backgrounds

The new feature will allow users to customize posts by adding color to backgrounds. At first, it will only be available on Android

A novelty will interest especially those who like to add a touch of cheer to their posts. Facebook has changed a lot over the years, introducing new features. But one thing was missing: the ability to change the background of your statuses. No sooner said than done.

After launching 360-degree video streaming, the social network surprises again by presenting a new feature that will allow users to further customize their texts. With the new feature, you will be able to add a colorful background to posts published on Zuckerberg's platform. However, there is a problem: not everyone will be able to enjoy changing the background of posts. La feature sarà disponibile all’inizio solo per i dispositivi mobili che girano con Android e al momento non ci sono indicazioni su quando la nuova funzionalità potrà essere utilizzata anche sugli iPad e iPhone.

Come aggiungere sfondi colorati ai post su Facebook

Il funzionamento del nuovo tool di Facebook è molto semplice. Per aggiungere colore al testo sarà sufficiente cliccare sulla voce “A cosa stai pensando” (What’s on your mind, per chi usa la versione in inglese) e iniziare a scrivere. In un batter d’occhio comparirà una tavolozza di colori con cui si potrà cambiare il colore di sfondo del post. At this point you just have to choose the desired color shade and that's it.


The colored backgrounds have made their appearance on Facebook

After giving users the opportunity to increase the size of the text, Facebook launches a new feature that will allow you to draw the attention of your contacts in a truly original way. According to the latest rumors, the feature will start being tested as early as this week.