Facebook, how to do live karaoke with Lip Sync

Facebook is launching a new set of features for music within the social, here's how to do live karaoke with our favorite songs

Lovers of Facebook and karaoke? Then Lip Sync Live is the new function of the famous social media that is right for you. Thanks to this tool we will be able to share, even in live streaming, our musical performances while we try to imitate our favorite singers.

This new feature for karaoke is part of a project designed recently by Facebook. From now on, in fact, users of Mark Zuckerberg's social platform will be able to upload videos by setting a background song to the movie. In this way, for example, we will be able to add one of the summer hits to the video of our vacations at the beach or in the mountains. At the moment this function is being tested in several countries and will soon become available to all. But how will we add a song? Simple, once the video is uploaded we'll be asked if we want to add a soundtrack and we can choose the song from a predefined catalog. Facebook will take care of the rest. The most interesting new feature, however, is another: the ability to create viral videos on Facebook while doing karaoke.

How to do karaoke live on Facebook

You know the app very popular among kids Musical.ly? Lip Sync, Facebook's new karaoke feature, is very reminiscent of it. With Lip Sync, you'll be able to share music videos where you move your lips to the beat of your favorite song, like making a new music video of your favorite songs and sharing them with your Facebook contacts.On Lip Sync we'll find great songs from the past, like "Welcome to The Jungle" by Guns N' Roses or "Havana" by Camila Cabello, but also hits of the moment.

But how do we use Facebook's karaoke function? Simple, every time we activate a new live broadcast we just press the Lip Sync icon. At this point we choose the song to be sung in karaoke from the predefined list and then we add and customize the video with augmented reality stickers and filters. During the live with Lip Sync Live the friends watching us will see a label with the artist and the song played prominently in the video. The label will be clickable and so our friends will be able to go to the page or follow on Facebook the artist of our choice.

Beware because the arrival of videos with soundtracks and the function for karaoke Lip Sync is just a taste of the music news planned by Facebook in the coming months. Soon, in fact, users will be able to insert their favorite songs in the Stories. This is perhaps one of the many moves expected by Facebook to return to attract the attention of young and young at heart. In recent times, in fact, the social media has lost a lot of appeal to this category of users.