Facebook improves privacy with four new tools

Facebook has updated its privacy control system: now users have more control and security. Here are the new features

With the arrival of the new year, Mark Zuckerberg thinks about new solutions to defend the privacy of its users. After the numerous scandals on data leakage, Facebook arms itself to "give" some more security to the nearly two billion members worldwide.

The social network has just introduced four new tools to improve privacy. The goal is to increase account security while allowing members to keep tabs on all their information. In addition, the platform will offer people a more intuitive and faster way to manage and update settings, controlling which information is visible to the public and which is not. Control tools are certainly not new to this social network, but over the years the range of options and possibilities has certainly increased, thanks to the growing amount of sensitive data collected by the company and the risks involved.

Facebook privacy: all the news

Now there are very few people who do not have a Facebook account. The platform has two billion members, and this number is bound to increase over time. As a result, the platform welcomes a huge amount of information and personal data every day, which must be kept away from prying eyes. In fact, hackers can't wait to get their hands on this information to launch malicious cyber attacks. On the other hand, many users are afraid that Mark Zuckerberg's company itself doesn't have full respect for the information, which risks being turned over to third-party companies for illicit gains.

To protect and reassure users, Facebook is updating its privacy control system by adding four new features, already available to many subscribers. Let's see them in detail.

What are the 4 new tools?

The first tool is dedicated to share control. Who can see what you've shared? You can control it directly from your profile and decide who has access to your phone number, email address and wall posts.

The second tool is designed to protect your account through a stronger password. Not only that, the platform requires a strong security key, but also access alerts that will be sent to the user when the system notices strange accesses within their account.

The third feature regulates how a user can be found through a search. You can decide whether to give the possibility to other people, even outside the platform, to find a certain account. In addition, you can decide to block friend requests.

The last feature allows you to review the information shared in apps you've logged into using your Facebook account. How often do you rely on Facebook to speed up the process of signing up for a site? Now the information handed over to third-party apps and websites will be manageable from Facebook Settings. You'll also be able to remove apps that you no longer use.

To access the privacy control you need to click on the question mark icon and then select the "Privacy Control" item. This makes the process more intuitive and straightforward than before. With this new feature, people will be able to increase the level of control and have more security when using Facebook.