Facebook, Instant Articles now paid. Also in Italy

The social network will test in Italy and the United States the new feature for paid articles, here's how it works and how users can subscribe

Facebook is ready to test its new system of paid articles for publishers, better known as Instant Articles, starting in the coming weeks in both the United States and Europe. However, the feature will currently only be available on mobile and only for those who own an Android phone.

This is an important revolution for the social media, for the quality of content within it, and more generally for the possibility of growth of publishers on the Net. Through paid Instant Articles, in fact, it will be easier for publishers to reach potential readers based on trends and user tastes. It is no coincidence that Facebook has been working on this project for years and in recent months has repeatedly sought the right way to test the function without creating too strong an impact, and therefore not very positive, with the final experience on the user's social.

Two usage models

International newspapers that will join the project include: Bild, The Boston Globe, The Economist, The Houston Chronicle and The San Francisco Chronicle, La Repubblica, Le Parisien, Spiegel, The Telegraph, The Baltimore Sun, The Los Angeles Times, The Union-Tribune of San Diego and, finally, The Washington Post. According to the first declarations of Facebook, two models of use of the Instant Articles function will be tested. The first foresees for the user the possibility to read 10 articles for free from the same news portal before subscribing.

Subscription management

All subscriptions will be managed by the publisher and not by Facebook. In fact, 100% of the revenue will go to the publisher and not to the famous social media. And it's no coincidence that the function is currently available only on Android. On Apple, in fact, every "in-App" purchase foresees the payment of a 30% commission to Cupertino.

Instant Articles in Italy

As mentioned above, the newspaper la Repubblica will also test the new Facebook function. And this will be the first "Italian" test on Instant Articles. In addition to la Repubblica, all local newspapers belonging to the L'Espresso group will try out the service. Those who already have a subscription to la Repubblica or a local newspaper in the group will not have to take out a new subscription. To read the Instant Articles will be enough to enter the credentials that we already use on the paid service of the newspaper.


The test phase will serve Facebook to create a "context" around the Instant Articles. The social is thinking, in fact, to insert some Call to Action to invite the user to subscribe. Or to give the possibility to register to a personalized paid newsletter. On the publisher's page there will be a new "Subscribe" or "Try the app" button, to download the newspaper's subscription application. Finally, it should be remembered that the Instant Articles project is part of the Facebook Journalism Project. The digital idea through which the social network wants to revolutionize communication and information on the web.