Facebook launches Rooms: public chats on Messenger

The social offers users in Canada and Australia a service for discussing topics similar to the feature that failed in 2014, will this be the time?"

Facebook is at it again. It happens very few times that Mark Zuckerberg's social network misses a beat, yet in 2014 the attempt to create anonymous chats with the stand alone Rooms service failed after a very short time. Learning from mistakes we learn and now Facebook's "Rooms" are ready to host new users.

The old Facebook Rooms . Facebook's loyal users will remember the Rooms service. A feature that remained separate from social and allowed people to sign up even without a Facebook account. The big news about Rooms was anonymity. You could generate a page related to a topic without using your real name, managing images, Like symbols and moderating comments and registered users. E potevi sponsorizzare la tua pagina usando il buon vecchio QR code. Sono passati solamente due anni ma sembra di raccontare una storia di venti anni fa. Sì perché lo scopo di Facebook era quello di ricreare le vecchie chat del web 1.0. Missione fallita, ma ora cosa cambierà?

Le nuove Rooms su Messenger

roomsfeatured1.jpgFonte foto: Facebook

Ecco come era l’applicazione Facebook Rooms

Le nuove Rooms non saranno un servizio a parte ma saranno incluse dentro la sezione per la messaggistica Messenger. Lo scopo resta lo stesso, creare delle chat (questa volta senza l’anonimato) sui più svariati argomenti. Dalle elezioni USA sino alle serie tv preferite. Ognuno dice la sua e lo fa anche con utenti che non conosce nella vita reale. Se state pensando più o meno alle Comunità di Google+ o a Reddit siete sulla buona strada. You can also create a standard to be admitted to the chat with the aim of avoiding harassers or trolls. In short, for those who used to hang out on forums a few years ago it's nothing new. And many wonder if this service will be able to overcome the pages, which already exist and are used to discuss or update on some news.

The test phase in Australia and Canada

For now the new Rooms service is on trial for some users in Australia and Canada. This is to give Facebook a small English-speaking market to see how the service will be received by users. There's no guarantee that this feature will catch on in the United States or Europe as well, however, the fact that this time it's not a standalone service but integrated with Messenger bodes well.