Facebook launches the challenge to Twitch and opens up to streaming for e-sports

The social network has started a phase of contacts with Blizzard and Super Evil Megacorp to acquire the rights of electronic games through its Directs

According to industry analysts, e-sports will be the future success for several platforms. And if we think about realities such as Amazon's Twitch or ESPN channels we are already talking about a consolidated present. That's why Facebook has shown interest in entering the world of e-sports.

Facebook and streaming for e-sports. According to several rumors that come from the site The Information, the social would be ready to collaborate with Blizzard to bring content always updated inherent in the subject on its platform. The goal is then to open up to streaming video of the games to compete with YouTube and Twitch. In this sense Facebook has recently held talks with Super Evil Megacorp, the company that produces the electronic game Vainglory. An e-sports for mobile. The social network would like to have the exclusivity to stream the games with professional gamers inside.

The turmoil around e-sports

The head of Super Evil Megacorp, Kristian Segerstrale, has however let know on The Information that for the moment they are just talking about future projects and that there is nothing sure about Vainglory streaming and about the entrance of e-sports on Facebook. The contacts of the social network with Activision, in order to buy the rights for the video reproduction of the races of more e-sports, however, suggest the opposite. The idea is that Facebook wants to open up to e-sports, and quickly too.

Facebook Live and E-sports: the winning match?

The big investment for "live" and therefore for the live video streaming made by Facebook a year ago is now looking for its fruits. And the encounter with e-sports could be one of the winning ones. It would be, in fact, the union between a platform with almost 2 billion monthly users and one of the fastest growing markets in recent times. Facebook has seen us along again?