Facebook like Tinder: new online dating feature kicks off

The new feature, which in 2020 will also be extended to Italian users, allows you to find people who might interest you in our vicinity

After announcing it in May 2018 and launched, on an experimental basis, in Colombia, Facebook officially launches its online dating feature. Initially, the new section will be accessible by users in 20 countries, including the United States, but already from the first months of 2020 Facebook Dating will be able to be used in most of the world, including Italy.

Mark Zuckerberg's social network thus throws down the gauntlet to Tinder and all the other online dating apps that, in recent years, have dressed the role of the digital Cupid and made millions of couples around the world. In fact, this is unexplored ground for Facebook: none of the apps in its "galaxy" offers such a feature and the result is not at all obvious. Compared to its rivals, however, Facebook Dating has an undeniable advantage: it starts with a base of 2 billion potential users, who will be able to choose to "add" a parallel profile and look for a soul mate among their Facebook friends

How Facebook Dating works

In comparison to Tinder, Facebook Dating introduces several new features. First of all, forget about the swipe, that is, the mode of "selection" of possible partners that made the fortune of Tinder. The "courtship phase", although virtual, will be longer and interactive: the user must try to contact the other person by sending a private message or commenting on one of the photos in the profile. If there is a response from the other party, then you can start a conversation with the person you like, otherwise it will end there.

The suggestions on people to "follow" will be provided directly by Facebook Dating based on common interests and geographical proximity. Facebook Dating also gives you the option to indicate your secret crush: if the interest is matched and the other person also indicates us as their secret crush, Facebook Dating will send us a notification.

You don't have to worry about your friends knowing that you are looking for dates on Facebook. When you start using Dating, in fact, it will create a "parallel profile" that you will use to flirt with the profiles you like the most. Within the profile you'll be able to implement photos and other elements fished from Facebook and Instagram.