Facebook Messenger changes its look and integrates smart assistant “M”

Facebook completely revolutionizes Facebook Messeger's user interface and also integrates a rather "smart assistant"

Facebook Messenger has changed its skin many times over the years, but the next update will be memorable. You've already had a little taste in December with the appearance of a new Snapchat-style camera, but the developers have a lot more in store.

Starting with the smart assistant called "M". Its "intelligence" is still in an embryonic state, but it will improve with time. Right now it just pops up - in the form of a pop-up - under certain circumstances like, for example, when you type in some words or phrases like "happy birthday" or "good morning," it suggests stickers for you to match. Nothing sensational. In short, it's not that chatbot announced in 2015 that was supposed to help you buy gifts or make reservations. Much more conspicuous, instead, is the repositioning of all the buttons that aims to simplify the exchange of messages.

All in a row!

Facebook, in practice, has decided to place all the buttons on a single line at the bottom, along with the text box that becomes - as a result - much smaller. Fewer buttons but with the addition of a "plus", or rather, a "+" that opens a menu where old and new tools are gathered. Not a bad idea to move the icon with the four faces inside the text box because a tap opens a lower section from which to choose stickers, GIFs or emoji. It takes an extra step to get there, but it simplifies the choice of elements to animate the chat. The other novelties have been included in the Settings area. In addition to the section dedicated to the new assistant "M", there is also the possibility to decide whether to open links in an external browser and choose whether to display notifications about updates to the application.